Live Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Live Login:

Steps for Logging in:

  1. First, you need to copy and paste the link provided here to your browsers address bar,, once done hit enter.
  2. Now that you are at the Live Login area, on the right hand side of the page is where you enter your information. The first text box is for your email address. This is either your hotmail or msn account. Click the box and enter your email account.
  3. Next, click on the box that says password, and type your information there. 
  4. If you are on your own PC or laptop, you may want to consider clicking on the Keep me signed in box, however, if you are on a public computer at school, at a netcafe, or even the library, it's not recommended doing that for then the next person can have access to your private information. Then simply click on the sign in button. 


Resetting your Password:

  1. On the same link provided,, directly below where you input your information, it says Can't access your account?, you want to click on that. 
  2. In the text box you enter your Microsoft account information, which is your email account. 
  3. Below that is a captcha, which if you are having trouble reading you can click audio, or if you spend too much time you may want to press new. Which will generate a new code for you to enter. These are important for security because it ensures a human is doing it and not a computer. Then you would click on next.
  4. The next screen it will say, security question and give you the option of clicking that, if you set your account up with that. 
  5. If you did and can't remember the answer, underneath it says, I can't use any of these options, you will still be able to enter your account by filling out a questioneer. They will get back to you in 24 hours or less. 
  6. There is another option, on the original Live Login page, right below where it says, can't access your account? it states, Sign in with a single-use code. Just click on that. 
  7. The page it brings you too, has two text boxes, the first one you click on, you need to enter your email account. 
  8. The second box, you enter your cell phone number, and click on text me the code. This is a helpful tool, if you are using someone else's computer for it helps keep your information protected. 

Still having troubles? Not a problem:

If you are still having problems, here is a link for the Account help page,, which may have the answers for the questions you have. 

In addition we have included the Contact support link so they can further assist you with the problems you are having,


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